"There is a brokenness
 out of which comes the unbroken, a shatteredness
 out of which blooms the unshatterable.
 There is a sorrow
 beyond all grief which leads to joy
 and a fragility
 out of whose depths emerges strength" Rashani Réa from “The Unbroken”

Welcome to Our Broken Garden – at the moment I am working on new material and recordings for my upcoming fourth release….
x Anna

GOLDEN SEA reviews

“the most deliciously constructed orchestral-tinged dream-pop since Sigur Ros… this second tide of beauty leaves you simply breathless”
NME - 8/10

“rich, lavishly layered and overflowing with invention… A brave delight that unfurls more of its charms with every listen”
Q – 4 stars ****

“a post-Sigur Ros sound that finds an atmospheric connection between shoegazing and piano-led classical music… sensual dreamscapes… gorgeous reveries”
Uncut - 4 stars ****

“a reverberant, electronically augmented sound, distilling a distinctly Scandinavian take on matters emotional, somehow poised forever between epiphany and desolation”
MOJO - 4 stars ****

“songs merge to create one soothing, spectral, golden lullaby… Truly wonderful”
The Fly - 4 stars ****

“cinematic and classical… absolutely spellbinding… this record is worth its weight in gold”
Artrocker – 4 stars ****

“this is music to mend the soul… music that could soundtrack being blissfully adrift on a golden sea”
The Sun - 4 stars ****

“Golden Sea reconnects with and rejuvenates a classic strand of the 80s revival.. In the Lowlands drifts along as mournful and glorious as the autumnscape it describes”
Mark Beaumont for BBC

“Serene hymnals cosy up to more baroque beasts, shuddering with strings, beats and melodramatic imagery… Bronsted's supple voice caps a darkly seductive spell: part intimate, part expansive, wholly haunting”
The Independent UK

“eerily beautiful vocals form the heart and soul of their material… it's blissfully easy to sink into Golden Sea's fantastical atmospheres”
Metro UK

“Fortryllende natteidyl"
Soundvenue 5 *****

"Morgentåget vokal bør få ørene til at spidses hos alle"
Politiken ♥♥♥♥


“OBG’s song’s unfurl slowly, lending the music a poignant, half dreamt quality… Bronstead’s flawlessly calibrated vocals are seductively sweet yet as chilly as an ice cream sundae – imagine Julee Cruise fronting Tindersticks – while the swooning melodies bewitch long after the CD has ended““
Mojo – 4 stars ****

“Dreamily moonlighting from piano-tinkling in Efterklang, Anna Bronstead here does that turn-off- your-mind, float downstream thing… Lovely.”
The Independent – 4 Stars ****

“A death waltz of B-movie organs and prickly guitars that sounds like Beth Gibbons auditioning for the next James Bond theme… Wrap up warm and enjoy”
NME – 7/10

“an almost indecently satisfying record… washes of organ and echoing electric guitar suggest vast spaces and emotions… On top of it all floats the lonely voice of Anna Bronstead… the effect is all-enveloping, otherworldly and deeply soothing”

“That she plays with Danish post-rockers Efterklang tells you a lot about Anna Bronstead… Add an affinity for the sonic cathedrals of Sigur Ros and Bronstead’s own haunting vocals and you complete the dreamy picture… Spellbinding”.


“Fronted by the near-heavenly voice of Anna Bronstead… enveloped in a warmth of gentle, atmospheric and icy orchestration… ominous yet beautiful ballads in which light and darkness co-exist gracefully”
The Fly – 4 Stars ****